La Bioespeleología: un mundo por descubrir

La Bioespeleología: un mundo por descubrir

viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Gran publicación bioespeleológica en Croacia

La asociación Croatian Biospeleological Sociaty ha publicado en los últimos compases de 2013 un interesante Atlas sobre la fauna de cuevas de Croacia, titulado: "The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna, volume 2".

Podéis encontrar las primeras páginas de este trabajo en el siguiente enlace:

Y os dejo en inglés un resumen de esta formidable publicación (en inglés):

The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna, Volume 2 was published in 2013 as a continuation of the effort to catalogue cave type localities. These speleological objects are where new cave fauna was first discovered and scientifically described as new species for science. Volume 2 describes in detail 88 caves with their 140 specific animal species. As in Volume 1, each object is presented with a photograph of the cave entrance and a panorama of the area around it. Cave animals are shown on photographs or drawings and an interesting text informing about its importance, supported by the literature used. The novelty compared to Volume 1 of the Atlas is the complete list of 271 cave type localities of Croatian Fauna with 427 currently described animal species. Because of the high biodiversity of cave fauna in the Croatian karst and constant discovery of new species, we expect this number to increase in the years to come. In addition to the Croatian version, Volume 2 is published also in English.

The aim of this richly illustrated book is to present the work of cavers and cave-biologists, but also to introduce the general public to the unique values of the Croatian underworld.

The Atlas team would like to thank the institutions that financially supported the creation of this unique publication. Part of the field research was financed through the State Institute for Nature Protection and Croatian Waters, and the printing was supported by the Foundation of Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, Croatian Waters, National Park Mljet, National Park Krka, National Park Paklenica and the Baredine cave.

Atlas Volume 2 price is 200,00 kn (27 €) or set Volume 1 + Volume 2 is 350,00 kn (46 €). You can buy the Atlas: 1. By visiting us at our premises, 2. Ordering by contact e-mail; an order must contain general information about the customer (fullnameofperson/society/company,address). 

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